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The State Institute for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (SIRD & PR), Bhubaneswar was established in 1964 as one of the core distinguished institutions of the country with the objective of becoming a regional training centre in the matter of conducting training programmes in tribal and community development. In the year 1967, GoO took over the charge of the Institute. Presently SIRDPR is a nodal institute for training, research, evaluation and consultancy in the field of rural development under the aegis of Panchayati Raj Department, GoO. SIRD & PR organizes various training programmes for elected members of 3-tier PRIs,NGOs.

Letter Posted

Training Programme on Promoting Women Leadership (DISHA)

Off-Campus Training Programme on Planning & Implementation of MGNREGA

Training Programme on Peoples Plan Campaign for GPDP on 04th October 2018

Peoples Plan Campaign for GPDP

Training Programme on Gender Sensitive GPDP and Promoting Women Leadership (DISHA)

Request Settelement of UC Realting to RGSA CB Fund

Workshop on Convergence of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA with other RD Programmes

State Level ToT on Digital Transaction

Submission of Absentee Statement of the DPMs Engaged on outsource basis under RGSA

Progress Report on Status of DPRC Building

Nomination for Outside Exposure Visit to West Bengal

Calendar of Training Programme on Induction-cum-GPDP at Field Level

Distribution of Duties among Officers & Employees of SIRD & PR

Submission of Photo Copy of Registration Sheet

Training Programme on Induction-cum-GPDP during 21-23 December 2017

Training Programme on Induction-cum-GPDP during 14-16 December 2017

Training Programme on Induction-cum-GPDP during 06-08 December 2017

Office Order-Grievance Redressal

Submission of Information on PESA areas of Odisha after reorganization of GPs

Early Submission of UCs and Settelement of claims of CPOs

Induction-cum-GPDP for the Ward Members

Induction-cum-GPDP during 14-15 July 2017

Induction-cum-GPDP during 20-21 June 2017

Orientation Assessment Programme during 16-19 May 2017

Regional Training Programme on Gender Sensitization during 15-17 May 2017
Induction-cum-GPDP during 05-06 May 2017

Distribution of Odisha Weekly Panchayat Samachar
Induction-cum-GPDP during 27-29 April 2017
Induction-cum-GPDP during 24-26 April 2017
Induction-cum-GPDP during 19-20 April 2017
Induction-cum-GPDP during 17-18 April 2017
Rural Prosperity through Sanitation & Livelihood
Induction-cum-GPDP during 06-07 April 2017

Training on Cashless Transaction
Physical Verification of Empanelled Organiization of SIRD & PR
Submitting information on RGSA activities of districts

Various Training Programmes and other Activities conducted by VVKI for the month of December 2016

Celebration of Biju Centenary Year and organizing Human Chain

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