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Name Designation Academic Qualification Specialization What I Look forward
1 Saroj Kumar Dash Joint Director M.A, M.Phil Capacity Building Great and effective human capital among PRIs
2 Amita Patra Assistant Director M.A, M.Phil in Sociology PR Administration, Scheme Management and HRD Capacity Building of PRIs
3 Dr. Subrat Kumar Mishra Assistant Director Ph. D in Analytical & Applied Economics Applied Economics Capacity Building of PRIs
4 Anamika Adhikari, OAS (JB) Instructor MA in Applied Economics PR Administration, Scheme Management Capacity Building of PRIs
5 Luna Malla, OFS DDO M.Sc, M-Phil Financial Management Effective Finance & Accounts
6 Asteria Kerketta Instructor MSW Social Welfare Building Capacity of EWRs & Officials for better delivery of Social Welfare
7 Santosh Kumar Patra Jr. Instructor M.Com, LLB P.R. Administration, Wage Employment and CB Good Governance through PRI CB
8 Prasanna Kumar Nayak Instructor, ETC, Bhubaneswar M.A PR Administration and CB Great and effective human capital among PRIs
9 Dr. Sanjit Kumar Swain Consultant- Quantitative Technique Ph D in Statistics PR Administration, Scheme Management, Training, Research and Administrative activities of ETC, Kalahandi
10 Dr. Parikshit Sahu Consultant- Rural Economics Ph. D in Analytical & Applied Economics Econometrics & Mathematical Economics Training, Documentation, research, Report Writing
11 Santosh Kumar Swain Consultant-Rural Technology M.Tech, CE&M Construction Engineering & Management Construction Engineering Activities, Training, Research, Reports
12 Tapas Ranjan Sahoo Consultant-Information Technology M. Tech, CS Mobile Computing, RDBMS, MIS Training
13 Srinibash Sahoo Consultant- Rural Statistics M Sc., M Phil in Statistics Econometrics & Stastical Modeling Training, Research and Administrative activities of ETC, Keonjhar
14 Dr. Girish P Swain Capacity Building & Training, RGSA PhD, PGDRD Governance & Leadership Capacity Building & Training
15 Namrata Das Decentralized & Planning, RGSA MPhil (Economics), MBA Decentralized Planning Capacity Building on GPDP
16 Ambuja Kumar Bisoi IEC MJMC Development Communication IEC Campaign at GP Level
17 Braja Kishore Panda Finance Management MBA - Finance Finance Financial Inclusion
18 Krushna Mohan Mishra State Consultant, PR, UNICEF MA, Political Science Political Science Technical Support to SIRD & PR on CB